Khantil Patel

Software Engineer | Game AI Programmer | Cyclist


Hello, I'm Khantil Patel, and welcome to my portfolio website. This website contains an overview of the projects I have worked on, my resume, contact information and my cycling history. If you wish to learn a little more about me, then read on!

I've been a Software Development Intern at ISM Canada (MITACS) in Regina city since January 2016 working on the Public Safety analytics project. I have a passion for software development and game development, which is why I pursued (and recently completed) a Master's degree in Computer Science at the University of Regina. Now that I am finished my Master's degree, I am looking to begin a career as a software developer.


I've studied masters in CS and have worked at a few places too.


Sept '13 - present
Masters in Computer Science

I went to pursue a masters here, in Regina, for around 2 years. I've been fortunate to have been involved with research with Prof Howard Hamilton in Computer Games and Machine Learning, and Orland Hoeber in Visual Analytics and User Experience, and got a research paper published.

Jun '06 - May '11
Bachelors in Computer Engineering

I went to college here, in Lonavala. I learnt, did industry projects and helped teach. It's on the mountain and beautiful. You walk a lot. I graduated in five years with a Bachelors.


Jan '16 - present
Software Development Intern (MITACS)

I'm intern here on the team of big data researchers. I'm helping develop backend for a visual analytics framework used for public safety.

Jan '14 - Dec '15
Research Assistant
Visual Analytics Lab, UofR

I did research here, broadly in Machine Learning and Game AI, under Professor Howard Hamilton and Orland Hoeber. I published a paper as well. Helped on project Vista to build the backend architecture and services with maximum automation.

Jan '12 - July '13
Software Engineer

I helped develop a few enterprise level software projects for the clients. It was my first job, had fun and learnt a lot. Learnt to use Git, build micro-services, and do Test Driven Development (TDD). Also helped mobile team for 4 months on Android and Windows Phone Apps. Mainly worked on project Reavee and Reach Offers.


Coding is fun!

I beleive skill set should never be one's limitation, that's why so far I've taught myself the skills needed for each project.

Real-time Anomaly Detection Framework
May '15

I developed this project as a part of my master's thesis research. My thesis is a novel approach to detect anomalies in tweet sentiment on Twitter, in realtime using Apache Storm.

Project Vista
Jan '14 - Apr '15

Wrote code to automate the data collection process from multiple social media API. Also wrote MongoDB map-reduce jobs to preprocess the data for quick access. Improved the performance of the system 20X using memcache and query optimzation.

Reach Offers
Jan - July '13

Implemented an enterprise integration pattern. Worte code that uses asynchronous messaging system ActiveMQ to communicate with microservices. Also implemented fault-tolerance and failover stratergy.

Jan - Dec '12

Developed REST API backend for location based advertising platform for mobile Apps. Learnt about location, geo, and search. Hacked on a WhatsApp alike chat server called Ejabberd.

GPGPU-based multi-agent AI pathfinding
Fall '14

Worked with Dr. Howard Hamilton, to code and study effectiveness of porting game AI with path finding and obstacle avoidance algorithm on GPU units.

Game Agent AI behaviour modeling.
Winter '14

Modeled multiple AI agent behaviour for an FPS combat game scenario, such as Defensive, Attacking, and Disengaging behaviour.


When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.
— Elon Musk
Regina, SK, Canada